viernes, 22 de abril de 2011

Marching for East LA Star

Foto cortesia del compa Carlos Montes
Dozens of East Los Angeles families, teachers and Garfield MECHA students participated in a “Community Walk for Education” on April 16.

The walk, from Belvedere Park to East LA Star Academy, was held to gather support for public education, which event organizers say is being threatened by budget cuts and efforts to privatize schools.

Last week, EGP reported that East LA Star will not open this fall due to construction and operational delays. The new school is currently under the Public School Choice (PSC) reform and will undergo another complete reform cycle after its sole applicant last year, a team from Local District 5, was not approved and was asked to re-submit their plan.

While giving his recommendation and asking the applicant team to rewrite their proposal, Superintendent Ramon Cortines said their proposal had a lot of “buzz” words, but lacked depth and did not demonstrate the instructional plan had the capacity for successful implementation. Supporters of the Local District 5 proposal have alleged that it was not approved because it was a plan proposed by current teachers.

Letters of Intent for East La Star are due Monday, applicants that submit letters will formally demonstrate interest in creating a proposal and running the school.

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