jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011

LA Committee to Stop FBI Repression

Targeted Activist Speaks in LA Feb 14 at Fundraiser!

Monday Feb 14, 6pm

519 South Spring Street, LA CA 90013
Food and beverages.

Hatem Abudayyeh is the Executive Director of the Arab American Action Network (AAAN), a community based organization that helps empower Arab Americans and Arab immigrants. Hatem, along with other activists in Chicago and Minneapolis, has been targeted in the recent wave of FBI raids and repression against the anti-war and international solidarity movements.

None of these activists have been charged with a crime, but the FBI invaded their homes with weapons drawn, intimidated family members including young children, and confiscated computers, cell phones, documents, and personal effects – then gave them subpoenas to appear before a grand jury, where they are not even allowed a lawyer. Join us on Monday and help social justice activists fight off the FBI witch hunt!

This event includes a fundraiser for the legal defense of these activists: we need your support! Please come prepared to make a donation. Every one, no matter how small, is incredibly helpful.

Join us to hear firsthand how and why the FBI raided Hatem’s home with other anti war, Palestine and Colombia solidarity activists. See you at Fernando’s Place 6 pm!

For more information, call 626-532-7164
or email stopfbila@gmail.com

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