jueves, 9 de septiembre de 2010

Stop Government Attacks on Social Services, Public Workers!

Federal, State and local governments in the US have launched severe new attacks on social services and public workers since the beginning of the economic crisis in 2008. One example is public education. Minneapolis Public Schools laid off 7% of their teachers last year. Nationally some 70,000 teachers were laid off.
An increasing number of school districts throughout the United States are forcing parents to foot the bill for basic items to run the schools. This year the list for basic school supplies for school children has grown to include cleaning wipes, garbage bags, paper towels, and copy paper.
The federal government has led the attack on the teachers unions, trying to gut seniority provisions of union contracts and tying teacher pay to student performance with programs like “Race to the Top.”
Come and discuss the issues posed for working people:
*There is not a fixed, limited quantity of money available in government budgets for basic social services like education. Working people can fight through their unions to protect their hard-won gains.
* Workers should reject the virulent propaganda of the pro-capitalist media that depicts government workers as overpaid freeloaders living off the hard effort of “private” workers.
* Numerous struggles of workers in recent years, including the Twin Cities nurses strike, have shown it is better to fight than to concede without a fight.
* Through their efforts to defend themselves, public workers will come to realize that the government puts the needs of the bankers, industrialists and bondholders first, and that workers need to build a party of labor that mobilizes to fight for the interests of workers.
Speaker: Tom Fiske – Socialist Workers Party
Friday, Sept. 10, 8:00 pm
1311 ½ E Lake St, Minneapolis, second floor
Suggested donation $5, $2 students and unemployed
For more information call 612-729-1205 or email militant.labor.forum@gmail.com

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