miércoles, 25 de agosto de 2010

US Hands off Korea!

The fight for the reunification of Korea
     For many decades the US has maintained nuclear weapons and tens of thousands of troops in S. Korea.  US imperialism has exerted ceaseless provocations and other pressure against North Korea, including embargoes and, a few weeks ago, military exercises a few miles from the North Korean coast.  The Korean people, both in the north and south, yearn for reunification after 60 years of division imposed by Washington.  The Korean conflict is the single most explosive unresolved national division coming out of World War II.

Come and discuss:
* Why did the US lose the Korean War?  Korea was divided by the US in order to halt the socialist revolution in the northern part and to reimpose the rule of landlords and capitalists in the south.
* Why is the US, not N. Korea, widely viewed in both North Korea and South Korea, as the main threat to peace?
* What is the connection between Washington’s long campaign against Korea and the bosses’ offensive in the US against workers’ wages, working conditions, housing, education, democratic rights and social services?
Speaker: Frank Forrestal – Socialist Workers Party

Friday, Aug. 27, 8:00 pm
1311 ½ E Lake St, Minneapolis, second floor
Suggested donation $5, $2 students and unemployed
For more information call 612-729-1205 or email militant.labor.forum@gmail.com

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